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Daniel Kelley

See video about Dr. Bazin
and ADD patients.
Optometrist Treats ADD With Vision Therapy
by KCTV 5 News, Kansas City

Daniel Kelley, 12, suffered from constant double vision until recently. Because he didn't know any different, the Lathrop, Mo., boy didn't know he had a problem. He went to school and even played basketball.

"Whenever the ball was coming toward me, I knew the blurry one wasn't real, so I just got the real ball and shot at the real basket," Daniel said.

He just couldn't keep up on the court or in the classroom.

By the time he focused on one thing, the class had moved to the next, and it wasn't long before he was diagnosed with ADD.

"We had some rough nights," said Terri Kelley, his mother.

Doctors wanted to medicate Daniel for ADD, but his mother refused. Instead, she took him to Dr. Beth Bazin, an optometrist who specialized in vision therapy.

Bazin said double vision was a common symptom of ADD kids.

"All their energy physiologically is going into keeping it clear and single, so they don't have the energy, brain energy, to process the information," Bazin said.

Bazin makes her therapy fun, using all kinds of crazy looking gadgets and games in her Kansas City office to help the eyes work together better.

Kids have another problem when they get to school, changing focus from their desk to the board. She blames that on the 8,000 hours of television and computer time kids log by the time they start school.

"They're learning to move their eyes in one place back and forth, up and down, this way and that, then they get to school and teachers say, 'Look there and here,'" she said.

Daniel said it was hard and frustrating.

"I looked up and lost my place," he said.

Daniel started working with Bazin at the beginning of this school year, and already he sees with single vision. He said school was a lot easier.

Bazin said these kids stop trusting their vision, and they turn to listening, obviously, a very difficult sense to bank on as you get further into your education.

At that point, kids have two choices to handle their difficulty in school, either act out or withdraw, two options she is trying to avoid altogether.

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